Now we not able to share without reading any post on facebook

Dear friends here is a news about facebook that facebook is starting a service in this we can not able to share any post without reading full article.The habit of sharing without reading full article is not good because facebook starting a service in this user cannot allow to share the post without reading the post. Many user are sharing the post without reading the article

According to forbs news approximately 60% user shares the news And other type of content just reading the post title. Due to this fake news are becoming viral now a days so to stop these activities on facebook starting this service to not allow the sharing of any post without reading the article.

Now a days many companies are using javascript to know that how many people are reading full article And facebook also using on this matrix.Due to this facebook reduce the priority of these article which article are shared without reading full article.

How start Checking of Fake articles:-

  • When someone post any article this article contains three conductors in these first indicators will show that how many people giving how much time on this article.
  • Secon indicator will show that in your social group how many people are giving time to your social group
  • Third indicator show that how many people in your network giving time to your article 
  • After collecting data from these indicators a matrix will developed which tells us that in world any article is reading by peoples but in your group no one is reading this article then this tell that ur groups member are not interested in this article And if any article is viral in your group and no one is reading this article outside from your group then this will be a fake article 

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