Trick To boost jio internet speed

Hi friends good news for you if you have jio sim and you receives slow speed of jio internet than just follow given below simple steps to increase the jio internet speed in your mobile.Now a days at many places jio users are not getting good 4g internet speed.And this is due to the increasing of the demand of the jio sim. Still people are waiting to get the jio sim 

But in internet speed people are getting some difficulties due to their slow speed But also call drop are main problem with slow internet speed of reliance jio sim.But we came with the solution of slow internet speed of reliance jio.

Steps To boost jio internet speed:-

1. Firstly clear the cache of your android device.this will increase the internet speed in your android mobile

2. Many application in your mobiles are not in use or useless. Delete them This will increase your device memory and this will increase the speed of your mobile.

3.During the browsing if you not interested to see the images than disable the images to increase the internet speed.

4.Many apps are available at play store which helps to increase the speed of internet of reliance jio. the name of theses apps are speed booster.

5.Many apps are runs in backgroud of android mobile these are runs continuously. And this will affect the internet speed.then stop these background app 

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