Airtel defeats jio in Internet 4G speed

Once again Airtel will going to no. 1 in india in 4G internet speed now airtel has 8.42 MBPS.In January on airtel mobile network the speed will be noted as 8.42 MBPS.
Indias no.1 company airtel has defeats the reliance jio network in the 4g internet speed.These information will be released by the TRAI india.TRAI has released the monthly reports.According to these reports we find that airtel has double their speed in one month 

In last month airtel has the speed of 4.68 but now their speed will increase to 8.42 MBPS.
In december jio has 18.14 MBPS speed But now its reduced to 8.34 MBPS means this reduced to its half.In December vodafone  recorded that they increase the speed from 6.7 MBPS to 6.8 MBPS.Idea has also increase from 5 MBPS to 6.62 MBPS.Bsnl reduces their speed from 3.42 to 3.16 MBPS.So now the airtel is on the top in 4g internet speed 
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