How to remove Retrying Download Error in UC

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Uc browser is now a days very popular for surfing and downloading the files and also very famous with uc news in regional languages. You can add your website in uc news also from here for increase your income and visitors on your website.Almost everyday we use to download movies , Games and other files from Internet.Most of this file are big in size ,say above 1 GB . While downloading this big file we often face problem like Download failed , Link expired , Retrying Download etc. This is the common problem that we always face while downloading ,uc browser also increse the speed of downloading as you can see in file which will be downloading in uc a light blue co;our will shows the uc browser enhanced speed

How to remove Retrying Download Error in UC  

  1. First download ES file explorer ( file manager )  from Google Play Store.
  2. Now open UC download folder in your es file explorer.
  3. There are two files of the same name that you are downloading.
  4. Now Create a new folder “Tricks11” and move those 2 file here in this folder.
  5. Then open UC Browser and delete the downloading files from UC Browser download list.
  6. Now again download the same file or restart the downloading of same file from the beginning.
  7. When your new downloading file reached 200kb , Then Pause it and Open Es files explorer.
  8. In ES file explorer ->UC download -> Video folder , You will see two files with the same name , delete this 2 file.
  9. Go to “tricks11” which you have created. Move those two files into UC download-> Video folder.And resume download .
with above given steps uc downloading issue will be fixed and this will resume your downloading file from the last position where this will stopped

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