Facebook coming soon with dislike button

Facebook coming soon with dislike button

Friends Many time we see on facebook that we not like any post but not express because there is only like button not dislike button is placed on facebook.But don't worry in some days facebook will going to introducing dislike button on news feeds in massanger already started.Facebook is trialing a “dislike” button for the first time, in response to high demand from users.

The demand of dislike button:-

The feature has been rolled out to a small number of people on the Messenger app, who now have the option to respond to individual messages.Facebook wants users to attach emoji to messages in a similar way to the “reactions” feature on the news feed.The social media giant had previously ignored calls for the “dislike” button due to fears the feature might be used as a form of bullying and would be unpopular with big brands.The demand of dislike button is coming from a long time but facebook not put dislike button they ignore this request everytime but now they started this button in only group massanging if you don't like any chat in group then you will send dislike button in group discussion in massanger app

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