List of youtube magical tricks

Hello friends tricks11 come with youtube magic tricks today.We already post about youtube and tricks of youtube on time ago we post that how you can watch youtube video on MX player.And for who want to get more traffics for their website or blog we have posted that how they get backlinks for their posts from youtube easily. you can also watch youtube video offline .And if you want earn from youtube then you can see how to get adsense approval for youtube,and if you want to send GIF files on whatsapp then you can make GIF files from youtube videos.And you may also make multiple accounts on one gmail on youtube.Youtube is the platform where daily more than one lakhs videos are uploaded and you can earn also from these videos
Lets learn magic tricks for youtube

List of youtube magical tricks:-

1.Search for 'Use the force Luke' on youtube then watch your youtube screen how reflects

2.Just type  'Beam me up Scotty' on your youtube then watch magic

3.If you want download any video then just replace www to ss in URL

4.If any video say age varification required then just remove "watch?" from URL and as well as replace from "v=" to "v/"

5.Just search 'doge meme' in search bar in youtube then your youtube will become colourfull

6.Just add GIF in Youtube URL then your Youtube video will convert in GIF

7.Youtube shortcuts

k= Pause/play.

j= Rewind the video 10 seconds.

l= Fast forward the video 10 seconds.

m= Mute the video.

8.If you want to play a video from your desired time then write in url like  #t=1m2s" or "#t=62s" and play your video

9.If you want to operate youtube from your keyboard then just put "/leanback" after 

10.Turn off auto play button from top right side of youtube then your youtube video will stop automatic play

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