Ten Mind Blowing Facts About Microsoft You should know

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    Ten Mind Blowing Facts About Microsoft You should know

  1. Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates became the youngest billionaire ever at the age of 31 in the year 1987. He became the richest person in the world since 1995, he lost his top spot few times but managed to regain it quickly.
  2. About 6 Years ago, Microsoft said that its employees drink 23 Million Free Beverages from the company annually which mainly includes orange juice and milk.
  3. Last Month, Bill Gates admitted that he had hacked his school computers to meet girls. Bill Gates admitted that school authorities enrolled him in the class where he was the only boy.
  4. Microsoft made debut in smartphone market seven years before Apple unveiled its iPhones. As we know how popular are iPhone today but Microsoft introduced Windows Mobile on PDA’s and smart phone in the early 2000 and iPhones were launched nearly seven years ago after Microsoft Smartphones.
  5. Bill Gates predicts that by the year 2035, there will be almost no underdeveloped country in the world. To recall, Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates has donated about $28 Billion till now.
  6. MS-DOS Was not the first OS from Microsoft. If you thought that MS-DOS was the first operating system from Microsoft, then you are wrong! The first operating system Microsoft coded was XENIX. Well, Xenix was a version of UNIX OS but was differently named.
  7. Well, if you that Microsoft Office was first made for Windows then you are wrong. Microsoft Office for Macintosh was released a year before (1989) it was released for Windows.
  8. Well, creating the folder in Windows might be an easy task for all. However, you can’t create a folder named “CON”. Try renaming any existing folder,
  9. WinVer is the first virus that was coded for Microsoft windows. Well, the WinVer virus program was released way back in the year 1992.
  10. Bill Gates house is in Medina Washington, which is 66,000-square foot mansion, he bought it for $2 Million in 1988, and its present price is about $123 Million Today.

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