BSNL launch Satellite service in India

Government Telecom Service Provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and Inmarset have launched a new service officially this is a new Indian GSPS system. As a result, satellite phone services can be provided to government and private sector customers through Inmarsat's fourth generation satellite.

BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Srivastava said, "This is an important step towards achieving the goal of 'Digital India', as well as ensuring that connectivity is available to all"

BSNL said that under the license of the Department of Telecommunications, the new GSSP Gateway in Ghaziabad will enable BSNL and Inmarsat to meet the demand of satellite phone users across the country.

What is a satellite phone:-

The satellite phone is similar to the other phones but it takes the signal directly from the satellite instead of taking the signal from the tower. You can talk anywhere from anywhere in the world, why not with satellite phone. However, every country has a different law to take its service. In addition to tourism and government services, Army uses satellite phone service.

Satellite phone service 3 companies provide iridium, globalstar and threshold. The services of Iridium in the whole world, 80 percent of Globalstar and Tharaya services are in India, other parts of Asia, Africa, West Asia and Europe. In addition, these companies also contract with telecom operators like InertSet with BSNL.

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