Facebook introduce new feature now you able to live with your friends

 The social networking site Facebook constantly keeps on adding new features to its users. Recently a new feature has been added to Facebook Live. With this feature, you will be able to make Facebook live with friend or reliever sitting miles away.

Facebook introduce new feature now you able to live with your friends:-

  • Facebook Live is a feature, where you can share live video with the world. Many times you have a feeling that you can join your live too far away from yourself. Now this dream is going to be complete. You can also be close to you on Facebook Live.
  • Another special feature of this feature is that in this you will be able to chat with friends in live. So far live comments were made and the users could answer it.
  • According to Facebook, compared to normal video, there are 10 percent more comments in live video, so Facebook thought of bringing this option too. 
  • Currently, this feature is available in select countries as a trial, but it will be brought back to the rest of the users soon. if the user wants, it can also create private chat rooms with the invited friends in the live video and also include friends commenting in live.

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