Google launches the beta version of its operating system Android O

Hi friends good news for android users Google's Android operating system is running on two billion devices around the world.Google launches the beta version of 'Android One' on Wednesday during the annual I / O conference in Mountain View headquarters in San Francisco. Google says that the final version of this operating system will be released by the end of this year and many of the important things have been improved, including battery life and security.

Features of android O:-

In addition to features like Picture-In-Picture, information about notification channels and better keyboard navigation was reported when Google released the first developer preview of Android OS. This new feature improves copying and paste through machine learning.

By identifying the context on this feature screen, such as addressing, double-taping will allow the entire text to be copied. Notification is a new way for dot developer so that they will be able to notify the user about the activity on the app.

The company says that the creation of "Android O" is designed keeping the phone fast, working faster on the app, and helping the developers develop such an app, using minimal consumption of batteries Ho.

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