whats is bitcoin? fully explained

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Bitcoin is a digital currency. It can not be seen or touched by a virtual currency. It was started by Satoshi Nakato, a programmer named on January 3, 2009. There is no centralized control for this.
However, Satoshi Nakamoto is not confirmed as to who he is. It is believed that in the initial period, Bitcoin was not to make a digitized currency, while its real motive was to prove that legal transactions of money are possible without a third party or even legal turmoil.

For the first time, 10 thousand bitcoins were offered for buying a pizza and then it was used for the first time. But over time, the demand for this digital currency has been very fast and its price has steadily increased since then.

How do we invest in bitcoin?

we Can buy it online. It will be stored online in your account as soon as you buy it. No item or documents like coins or notes will be found on purchasing but rather a coding. This coding is the only bitcoin.

Main points About bitcoins:-

  1. Commodities can also buy.
  2. bitcoins can be mined. Means can make new coins.
  3. But the limit to mine it is already fixed. Only 21 billion bitcoins can be calculated according to the prescribed program.
  4. Mine do it with powerful computers and keep an eye on each transaction.
  5. One to One Trade (business between two people) can be.
  6. Account can not be freeze
  7. Piracy or tampering with bitcoins is not possible
  8. Satyak Nakamoto's program is a trademark of the Betquan chain through the chain system set amongst the masses.
  9. Information about each transaction of bitcoin is done through block chain.
  10.  Anywhere in the world, information about trading of bitcoin is divided into block chains.

No need to buy full bitcoin to buy stuff. If you want, you can buy a portion of a bitcoin and buy it. Bitcoin is not allowed in many countries.

Value of bitcoin:-

Five years ago its price was just 6 rupees but today its price is 650 dollars (about 42 thousand rupees). Due to lack of government control, prices are fluctuating. Once it was worth even $ 1200.
If the value decreases, the investor has a personal risk.One bitcoin value in indian rs is 132939.85 rs now and this will increase or decrease with time

Because it can minimize it to a certain extent, its demand increases with its demand as well. Can use it all.Its transactions are transparent. With its transaction, every information is available. A clean account sheet is available with trade, in which the complete history of bitcoin is found. No customer can use a bitcoin again.Bitcoin is the most used remittance. India is the country with the most remittance in the world. Remittance is the amount that people who work abroad send in their own country.

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