How to Increase blog traffic using powerful meta tag on blogger-2017

friends every one want to increase visitors on their website or blog.But many of us make some mistake with SEO of our website or blog .we come with a simple trick with this you can setup a powerfull meta tag on your website.Which are shows on search engines like google Or bing etc...
Increase blog traffic using powerful meta we are going to tells you How to Increase blog traffic using powerful meta tag on blogger-2017.For this you just follow given below steps friends and then see that your traffic will increase from search engines

How To Add meta tags To Blogger:

  • Sign In to your Blogger Account
  • Click on theme tab in your blog dashboard

  • Then Select Edit HTML

  • Add the given below code below  <head> section in your blog theme

&lt;b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'&gt;
&lt;meta content='
Place blogger description here' NAME='description'/&gt;
&lt;meta content='Place your blog's keywords here(seperated by commas)'

  • Now Replace pink text by your blog’s description and keywords and place it inside <head> section.Now you done this.after some time you will see your meta tag on search engin like below given snapshot

  • This powerful meta tag technique will help you to get traffic on your blog

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