Now the Google Search result came in 'Personal' tab

Google has now added another new feature for its users, which is very useful. This feature has been brought to help in search. This feature, which comes from personal tab name, shows private sources such as Gmail account and Google Photo Library data in search results. Similar to News and Map tabs in Google, personal results will be shown from the user's account by sorting the results of the tab search.

New feature will be available here:-

In the Google search engine the personal tab is given in the 'More' menu. Users can view the results from their Gmail message and calendar events in their sign-in account.

Many shortcuts have arrived:-

Let's tell you that in this March Google had added shortcuts to their apps for Android, iOS and Mobile Web. From these, users can achieve better results on the topic of their choice. Among them, many different shortcuts have been given to Android users, which include translate, downtime attarctions, flights, hotels, internet speed test and currency converter.

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