Google Keyboard is more special, here's new features

Google brings some updates to its users with some features that make users' work easier. Google has added many features to this time by updating the Android version of its keyboard (gboard). Google has made it more useful for users by updating the gibbas.

Google Keyboard is more special, here's new features:-

  • According to the report released on Tuesday, Engadget's hand-drawn emoji feature will help you find your favorite emoji in Google's update. Through this feature, the user can draw emoji from his hand.
  • Apart from this, the Gboard user will suggest frames while typing a word just opposite a particular word. This feature will protect users from troubles like typing arrar and autocrat. Apart from this, Google has also updated its Signature Search feature.
  • Through Google's signature search feature of Google's Gboard, the user will now be able to search Google better than before and there will be more accurate results in front of him. There are reports that Google will soon add non-populative languages ​​such as Hawaii, Maori and Belgian French into the gibbos.

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