Panasonic will come back with Midrange smartphone

Panasonic will now offer mid-range smartphones to give competition to Chinese companies that have been dominated by India. Apart from this, the company will also hand over the distribution in India itself. The company will present 15 new mid-range models by the end of this year.

Panasonic will come back with Midrange smartphone:-

Japan's Panasonic Corps will not sell feature and entry level smartphones in India to exit the Lo-Range phone segment of the Indian Mobile Market. Company President Manish Sharma said that after the exit of the price sensitive value segment, the focus of the company will be on the smartphone segment of Rs 7,000 to Rs 14,000, which is fast moving forward. Panasonic now owns distribution in India.
  1. The market share of the company is now close to 5% in the low range segment. There are reports that Panasonic India can end the partnership with Jena Group. Jena Group was selling panasonic handsets in India in the last four years. It has its own mobile brand Carbon. The third-party company Dixon Technologies, a manufacturing company of Panasonic Mobile.
  2. According to information, will bring Panasonic Diwali to market 15 new models. This time, the company will Foks offline selling, than at district level which will be more added distributors. However, according to industry analysts Panasonic's production level since March had dropped down a million calls per month.

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