Instagram come with new feature let's know

Facebook acquired Instagram has released a new feature on its app. The company has released it as 'archive'. The most striking feature of this feature is that the previously shared posts can be placed in a private place. Please let us know that similar service has already been given in the photo sharing app snapchat by the name of 'Memories'. On bringing this feature, Instagram observes that 'archive' will make it easier for people to share photos, including preventing photos from being deleted.

This is an effort of Instagram:-

Instagram has said in your post that your Instagram profile tells you who you are and you are growing up over time. Now with the archive feature, it gives flexibility, including shaping the profile. It saves those moments you care about.

Delete without posting:-

Instagram's archive feature provides the feature to delete a post without deleting the user's public profile. This feature takes the post without deleting it to the archive and it only appears to the user. But there is another special thing in it that the user has an option to bring it back.

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