WhatsApp new feature now you can Report any group or contact


Whatsapp has released a new feature for Android users. With this help, WhatsApp users can now spam the report to any group or personal contact. This means that due to this feature you can report it to anti-social or harmful messages in a group. Although this feature has been brought for beta testers at the moment, it will be formally released for everyone soon.

Report and report to the group:-

It is worth noting that so far you could do such a thing only with the unknown (unrecognized) user. As if you have a message from any number, you can block / report it 

Misleading messages will stop:-

Nowadays, many types of misleading messages are being spread through WhatsApp. This has caused many misinformation spreading in the society. In such a way, this move of Whatsapp can solve this problem. It is believed that this feature of WhatsApp will be liked by all users.

A feature that has come to Facebook:-

Let me tell you on Facebook the option to report a profile of anyone. With the help of this, a profile can be reported by the user if he pauses or misleads. After that, Facebook can block its profiles by checking that profile if found.

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