Tips To increase laptop battery backup

Nowadays, almost every internet user has a laptop, which we can carry carry anywhere according to our convenience and can complete our work. But when the laptop battery starts to discharge quickly, then your task becomes difficult, and you can not understand what happened to the battery that was bought some time ago.
If you are also facing problems related to the laptop's battery, then we are going to tell you some tips related to the laptop battery. With the help of these tips, your laptop's battery life will increase significantly.

Tips To increase laptop battery backup:-

  • Power saver- Laptop has a battery saver option, which can help extend its battery life. For this, first click on Settings in the Start menu. Then go into the system and then battery saver. See below where the battery saver is written. If he is off, then turn it on.
  • Sleep and Screen Lock - Click the Power and Sleep option in the laptop. Reduce the settings of the front screen and sleep settings (five minutes and ten minutes). If this happens, the system will be deactivated, the screen will be off just minutes and the battery will be spent less.
  • Resolution - Like the smartphone, the laptop's resolution should be increased as per the requirement. It also has a direct effect on the laptop battery.
  • Other settings- Go to laptop settings to find out where the laptop battery is being spent. First, go to Laptop Settings> System> Battery Saver. Click on the battery usage option below the overview in the window on the right. Here you will see such apps / software, running in the background and eating batteries. Those of them which can be closed, turn them off.
  • Over charge- Try not to charge a laptop continuously. Many times users leave the laptop to charge full night. This puts an effect on the laptop's battery and over time, the battery starts discharging quickly.

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