Vodafone: Unlimited Calling with 25 GB 4G Data

Vodafone has introduced its new Ramadan Special Plan. This new plan has been named Ramzan 786. According to the company, this Ramadan special plan offers unlimited voice calling. This offer is for special Assam and Vodafone users of North East.

Vodafone: Unlimited Calling with 25 GB 4G Data:-

  • This Ramadan 786 of Vodafone gives voice calling only, but also gives the advantage of 25 GB data and unlimited national roaming. All these users will get 786 rupees.
  • Vodafone further said that the company will give a discount of 50 percent with 786 on all its premium numbers. This offer is for this circle's pre-paid and post paid users.
  • Along with this, Vodafone has also introduced Fast Recharge for Bengal. This fast recharge card offers talk time of up to Rs 120 in 91, Unlimited Sahri Calling which will be from 2 a.m. to 4 p.m. Will get 92 MB 4G / 3G data, for 30 days.
  • Let us know that the company had recently introduced another Ramadan plan. Under which Vodafone introduced offers for users of UP West and Uttarakhand users. This offer was for 2G and 3G users. Unlimited data was provided in 2G users' 5 rupees / hour while for 3G users it was kept unlimited data of 19 rupees / hour.

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